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How we behave affects every aspect of our life, and especially our health and wellbeing. For over 20 years, I’ve been exploring the DISC model of profiling and have applied it within every business project I’ve undertaken as well as in my personal life.

As a former CEO and COO I know how crucial it is to understand team members so that we know how to support them whilst simultaneously utilising their behavioural strengths to improve bottom line results.

Happy team members = happy bottom line (however you recognise that these days)

By profiling yourself and your team members, even your family, I promise you will enjoy a happier, healthier life

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You Are In Safe Hands

By the way, altough I am not medically qualified, I am a Master Coach and a trained Nutritionist who has been around the block a few times. I was once told never to accept guidance from someone unless they had grey hair

Vip Mentoring

Given my extensive business and life experience and my personal health challenges and successes, you'd be surprised at the level of empathy I have with most situations. If you need ongoing support, a mentor and cheerleader, then let's talk soon .


If you'd like a one-off consultation with me, then simply click below to schedule your slot. You never know, I may be able to set you on the right self-help path in just one consultation.

Do You Need Hope And Inspiration?

If you've had a recent chronic diagnosis I know from personal experience how stressed you and your family are right now. Let's have a conversation to get you on track towards recovery and find some calm and positivity for you in this difficult time to establish which support option is the best option for you.

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Research shows time and time again, that quicker and longer lasting effects are gained from the sense of belonging. Benefit from weekly LIVE lessons, online group support, peer mentoring from within the group PERFECT HEALTH WELLNESS CLUB


My Mission

My mission is for every school to have access to use my DISC Profiling model FREE OF CHARGE.

My Vision

My vision is for every child to understand their own behavioural strengths and how to use these strengths to maximise their success in life so they may optimise health and wellbeing. This will lead to a generation of strong business leaders and enlightened team members