I have always loved music and for the past 20 years took an active interest in health and wellbeing, so what better way to combine both, than in my own health radio show? My Dad used to pretend to be an opera singer in front of the hall mirror when I was young. I love attending and listening to opera music to this day. Some years ago, I was married to an extraordinarily good bass player, and I managed the band he played in for a while. We travelled the UK and Europe gigging. I managed to get them in for 3 years running within the summer programme at the National Theatre, Festival Hall, and they also played at Wembley and Glastonbury. Based in London, it was difficult to get gigs, and so we created our own music venue and had musicians from all over the world come and join us every month. Having experienced 4 episodes of cancer and cured myself of a kidney disease I was born with, I now mentor people on how to recover from cancer and to be proactive, taking responsibility for their own health journey. I am a Master Wellness Coach and Business Psychologist. My radio show on ElasticFM combines guest interviews, health guidance and signposting, with great music, but then I would say that, wouldn’t I?!

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