Disc Profiling by Elaine Godley


Personality Assessment

The purpose of DISC is to help you understand yourself and others. The profile provides a framework for exploring human behaviour while increasing knowledge of your unique behavioural pattern.


Instructions: Choose one MOST and one LEAST description of you for each of the 24 statement sets. Answer spontaneously and don’t overthink your response.The assessment will take around 15 minutes depending upon your behaviour type. Click here to read more...

  • Choose the setting in which your responses will be made: work, home, social, etc. Keep to that role for all answers.
  • Each box below contains four phrases. Carefully read each of the four phrases and check the box which MOST describes you.
  • Also check the box which LEAST describes you.
  • For each box, choose ONLY ONE MOST and ONLY ONE LEAST response.
  • You should aim to complete this questionnaire within SEVEN to TEN MINUTES ideally. If you are taking longer, it’s a sign that you are overthinking.
  • Be spontaneous. Follow your intuition. Don't over-think each answer you give.
  • Be honest. Don't waste your time or ours by trying to be clever - the software will tell us if you do this.

  • Question #1 Most Least
    Easy-going, Agreeable A   A  
    Trusting, Believeing in others B   B  
    Adventurous, Risk taker C   C  
    Tolerant, Respectful D   D  

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