DISC Profiling

Turn back the clock to when I left school at 16 with a handful of low grade ‘O’ levels. If I knew then what I know now about my behaviour pattern, my strengths AND limitations, I may have saved myself and others (three husbands, for example), lots of stress, time and money!

I started to learn more about the psychology of behaviour following years of managing a variety of different businesses across many industry sectors. I noticed that I was different to others, however, I wasn’t aware how my behaviour was coming across to others, and how it differed at times from one day to the next.


If only we were taught about DISC Profiling in school...

How we behave affects our health, our happiness in relationships and our career success

The more we understand how our different types of behaviour affects our life, the more successful we become. By understanding, and working with our natural behavioural strengths, we can achieve greatness in whatever we put our mind towards.

It's easy to learn and apply DISC within your own life. It's about using the right kind of mindset too. OK, so how do you do that?

You draw from my skills and lifelong experiences of mentoring thousands of individuals and teams, teaching people how they can apply the DISC model of behavioural profiling to become the best they can possibly be.

I am sometimes called The Mindset Mentor because I help you to get into the right Mindset according to your natural behaviour pattern. I am also referred to as a Master Wellness Mentor because of the vast range of tools and resources I accumulated through training, gaining qualifications and personal experiences during 4 episodes of cancer.

Want to become more successful and healthier?

I can teach you how to use DISC Profiling to your advantage in all areas of your life. Take a look at the packages menu and choose the programme that suits you.

PS If I’d known at school that my natural behaviour pattern is one of the two common and successful CEO profiles, I’d have started my own business at 16 instead of 22 years old!

Are YOU making the most of your behavioural strengths I wonder?